What do Mother Theresa, Howard Hughes and The Wicked Witch of the West all have in common?

They are all archetypal roles (Sorry to disappoint you if you were waiting for a really great punchline)

People play out archetypal roles all the time and they are often unaware. You can play them out positively or negatively, sometimes both at the same time. They are like energetic and communal social roles that were necessary for early civilizations to survive. It's like a social overlay onto one's personality Somebody had to be the warrior, the server, the priest or shaman, etc.

There are 6 basic archetypes I like to think about when looking at others.

 We can go way deeper into archetypes and at some point I will do a blog post on each of them, but for now think of this as a quick and dirty archetypal primer.

An archetypal quickie if you will.

What's awesome about archetypes is that when you know the archetypes you hold (most people have at least 2) you can start to leverage that information in your personal and professional life.

Okay I'll stop babbling, here goes:

Priest:  Feels the desire to disseminate a message. These people usually feel they have a mission and a message they need to communicate. They often have striking features like strong eyes and bone structure. Typically chooses careers where they can work with inspiring, leading or galvanizing others. This is my main archetype. AKA: The Prophet, The Crusader, The Orator, The Teacher

Server:  Feels the need to help others and assist those in need. Likes to work behind the scenes. Tends to shy away from the spotlight, but can martyr themselves or feel used or taken advantage of. They often have large pleasing eyes, and attractive nurturing faces. Typically chooses careers where they can assist others reach their goals or heal others. Other names for this archetype: The Mother, Servant and Slave.

Quan Yin is an example of the archetypal feminine energy. The Mother.
Photo credit to:  "Paki" by ArdeeSN

Sage:  Feels the need to bring people together, often through laughter or entertainment. This is the class clown. Tends to like to talk. They are often gregarious, mischevious and outgoing. Their job is to lighten the mood. They often have cheshire cat smiles, with upturned mouths and "tent" eyebrows. They typically choose careers where they can entertain people and express their desire to bring others together. AKA: The Jester, Joker, Trickster.

Scholar:  Feels the need to gather information and be a source of knowledge. Tends to be solitary rather than group-oriented. They enjoy immersing themselves in topics that interest them. Their job is to learn and educate. This is the professor archetype. They often have large foreheads, and small focused eyes that express their concentration and intellect. They typically choose careers where they can study things deeply or educate others. I have scholar as a secondary archetype. AKA: The Wizard, Wise Old Man, Scientist, Researcher. 

Artisan:  Feels the need to create something in the world. Something tangible and often something that expresses beauty. This is the artist (but can be any medium or trade). They are often a bit moody, and express themselves through a third-party medium. They tend to have seductive and soft eyes. They typically choose careers where they can express themselves outwardly in some way. AKA: The Lover, The Poet, The Artist.

King/Queen:  Feels the need to lead others. They enjoy ruling the roost and consider those in their charge their responsibility  This is the person that people naturally look to for leadership. They often have stately looking heads (you know...a stately head, like you could put a crown on it). There is a rigid or refined quality about them. They choose careers where they can lead others, or where they get to make the rules. AKA: The Emperor,  The Ruler, The Prince and Princess are the younger, immature aspects of this archetype.

Warrior:  Feels the need to protect others. They have a blunt and matter-of-fact way of approaching the world. They are the knights and fighters who see it as their job to protect the weak. They often come across as brusque or challenging. They have strong jaws, as a general rule, and kind of predatory or angrier looking eyes. They often choose careers where they can be forceful, blunt or protect others from danger in some way. AKA: The Samurai, The Fighter, The Rogue, The Policeman