Hey McFly! Tips for Testing Guidance

We all have personal guides (whether they are our best friend, mom, that imaginary friend from 2nd grade, our favorite teacher from high school, or a religious or spiritual mentor). Some people are more attuned to levels of guidance that are, shall we say...more subtle. This can be a non-physical spiritual guide or a discarnate relative or being.

Also it's important to recognize that guidance can come in the form of a book, a song lyric that resonates, or even from a synchronicity.

Whatever the case, whether we are conscious of it or not we are all influenced by some sort of guide in one way or another, so I figure why not get friendly with it.

Whatever form the guide takes it is important to note that guides come with a variety of levels of wisdom and awareness. Your transient, club-thumping friend BooBoo from college may have been an excellent guide for navigating those out-of-control after-parties with the great pills you used to frequent back in the day, but may be an unreliable guide when you're trying to decide how you want to discipline your child. 

Don't assume that the guidance you are getting is of the highest order. What worked back then may be unacceptable now. It's even okay to test your guides! I don't mean grilling them for accuracy and consistency (although that's one way).  

One way to check it out is, if after you receive the advice notice how it makes you feel. Ask yourself, do you feel scared, confused, depressed or angry? If the answer is yes, then I would imagine that the guidance you are seeking isn't right for you and you should seek elsewhere.

You may have outgrown that person/being and it's okay to seek a higher order of energy. It could be that that particular guide is good for one arena and not so great for another. The right guidance will feel in accordance with your energy. You will feel calm and unthreatened by the information that is coming in. That doesn't mean it's always going to be what you want to hear, but it will feel intuitively right to you.

You can always ask the universe (God/ess, Nature, etc.) for a new "higher level" guide and then be open to whom or what comes through. You can also tap into your own inner wisdom that always knows what to do and bypass the middle-man (or woman). In fact, when we trust our highest wisdom we can be sure that we know, better than anyone, physical or nonphysical, what to do. 


In fact, if we get really sci-fi for a second: modern physicists suggest we live in a multi-dimensional universe where time and space are relative. If that's the case then there is a you, somewhere down the timeline of your life, that can inform the present time you of the best course of action to take because they've already lived it. It's just a matter of tapping into that future-self. We often interpret it in real time as a hunch, or an intuition, but it could be our future-self calling: "Hey McFly!".

Weirded out yet? So if you think about it, we're all staring in our own little Back to the Future film. But here's the cray-cray part...you could be the cool 2000s Marty with the hoverboard, and you could be puffy vest Marty at the same time.  

Who do you look to for guidance?  Are their any trusty guides in particular that you always rely on when you need to get clear?