You're So Vain: Recognizing The 5 Kinds of Narcissism

Narcissism. The word alone conjures up images of Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. You know, the creepy corporate walking artifice, who is a physically perfect specimen but you're convinced he spends 3 hours staring at his face in the mirror every night while listening to Huey Lewis and the News on loop on his cassette player. But this is only one variation. A creepy, decisively 80s variation, but a variation.

There are different iterations of narcissism most of which go unnoticed (in others and ourselves). In fact, I believe most people have some form(s) of narcissism in varying degrees. To complicate things there's a fine line between confidence and narcissism, but recognizing what I have boiled down into the 5 variations of narcissism (which I had a little fun with) can be helpful, because while we may not all be Patrick Bateman, our own egoic narcissism shows up somewhere, in some way. 

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