Healthy Head Butting: 7 Conflict Tips

So we've had the benefit of meeting some really smart people along the way. Our good friend and relations coach Iris First is one of them and she introduced us to some additional relationship tools we think are absolutely amazing.

We thought they were so amazing we're doing a Reviving Your Relationships Webinar with her on how to spruce up any relationship. But because I'm impatient and excited I wanted to share something that could immediately help you right now.

Everyone has had that experience of going to talk to someone about something important and walking away wondering what the hell happened. It could be something small or a big relationship issue that needs to be ironed out, but whatever the case most people walk into potential conflict situations wanting a positive outcome (although some people just want to fight).

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Shadowboxer: Nobody (really) Knows Anybody

So it would be pretty damn crazy if everybody walked around with mirrors chattin' it up with their reflections instead of talking to other people, right? Well, I think that's essentially what we're all doing. Bear with me here:

In many (or most) spiritual traditions, and modern transpersonal psychology there is the intrinsic idea that we are all only interacting with our own projections. So all of our relationships are really just a reflection of our own internal perceptions, ideas, beliefs, misconceptions and projections mirrored back at us.  

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