Smoke Out: 7 Steps to Energetically Clear Your Home

Have you ever walked into someone's house and thought, "wow, something's really off in here!". Maybe it's just a heavy feeling or maybe it feels a little creepy? Maybe you've felt like that in your own house. Clearing the energy of your space is not some crazy invention by hippies and new age kooks. Many cultures have utilized space clearing techniques for ages. In fact, the practice of utilizing frankincense in the Catholic church is a form of space clearing that essentially has the same energetic clearing effect.

Many real estate agents know the value of a good house clearing to sell a house, even if they don't understand why it works, there's something about lighting a bundle of sage and letting it waft around a home that seems to remove old, lingering vibes and make it more palatable to a buyer.

There are dozens of  books written about clearing your physical space of unwanted energy, and just as many techniques for doing it. Some people feel a little intimidated by the act of space clearing because they either a.) think they don't know how to do it or b.) aren't sure of they "believe" it works.

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What do Mother Theresa, Howard Hughes and The Wicked Witch of the West all have in common?

They are all archetypal roles (Sorry to disappoint you if you were waiting for a really great punchline)

People play out archetypal roles all the time and they are often unaware. You can play them out positively or negatively, sometimes both at the same time. They are like energetic and communal social roles that were necessary for early civilizations to survive. It's like a social overlay onto one's personality Somebody had to be the warrior, the server, the priest or shaman, etc.

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Chakras: The 7 Doorways to Balance

I think most people, unless you live under a rock (which is totally cool, but my question is twofold: a.) how do you breathe under there and b.) isn't it cramped?), have heard of chakras.

Chakras are very simply energy vortices inside and around the human energy system that help us transmute incoming information about the world. Many cultures have identified these vortices and worked with the wisdom of the body this way for centuries. They are slowly becoming more popularized in the Western world as we get hip to the wisdom of ancient traditions.

Understanding how each chakra can be a doorway into health and healing and deepening our personal conception of spirituality is a great shorthand way to ensure we are caring for our whole selves.​

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