Are We There Yet? The Myth of Arriving.

If you're anything like me, or most of the planet, you have some future, life-goal that you're striving for.  Am I right?

Maybe you're an aspiring pâtissier (French for pastry chef) but you're finding yourself stuck working as a CPA, and you're not sure when, if ever, you gave up on your dream of owning your city's most adorable macaroon stop ever.  Or, it could be that your goal is just to make more income next year than you did in the previous year.  Perhaps you're just trying to make it through the workday to get home to a nice dinner and some time alone.  It could be that your jeans don't fit, and you're counting down the minutes until you can put on some sweatpants...I've been there, I'm not afraid to admit it.

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Rain and Resistance

I am a self-proclaimed rain hater....okay, let me back up. I hate it when it is overcast and rains for days on end. I don't know how Seattleites do it! I have diagnosed myself with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I think I could actually have the condition because when it rains for more than a day I start to feel a little shlumpy (yes, it's a word).

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