Rain and Resistance

I am a self-proclaimed rain hater....okay, let me back up. I hate it when it is overcast and rains for days on end. I don't know how Seattleites do it! I have diagnosed myself with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I think I could actually have the condition because when it rains for more than a day I start to feel a little shlumpy (yes, it's a word).

Sure, the biological explanation for SAD is sufficient enough: the body doesn't get enough vitamin D from the suns rays and therefore the electrical system of the body becomes "depressed" causing a sullen mood and sometimes body pain.

However, I'm a firm believer that every physiological ailment has a psychological or spiritual correlate.

While I do experience a drop in mood and a general malaise when it rains (particularly if the rain goes on for some time), it seems to me that it has absolutely nothing to do with the rain or the clouds themselves but my resistance to the idea of rain, or my idea of when it should and shouldn't be raining.

I may be crazy but I think many of us are like this.  Maybe not about the rain...but something. Replace the concept of "rain" with whatever is going on in your life that is undesirable. Much of our inner turmoil comes with the ridiculous (but very human) notion that someone/something "should" or "shouldn't" be doing whatever they/it is doing.

I've read (and re-read, and re-read again) a lot of self-help and spiritual work on the phenomenon of resisting what is. I particularly like Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie's take on resistance. But when I really sat down and took stock of how many things (big and small) I'm resisting on a daily basis, it's amazing how much I really am "arguing with reality".

I find that when I slow down and recognize that I'm literally resisting the very force of nature (in this case: the rain) and believing that it "shouldn't" be raining because "I" (in my self-importance), don't want it to rain because "I" prefer sunshine, it's pretty ridiculous.

That doesn't mean the feelings go away immediately, in fact: it pisses me off even more that I can't just will the rain away. However, it does open up space for me to allow both the absurdity of my idea about how reality should be, and the beauty if its actuality unfolding to exist simultaneously.

I can resist anything: from it being 2am and not having any cinnamon rolls in the house and wanting a yeasty dessert, to my mother being in the hospital for 24 days with a viral brain infection doctors can't diagnose. Both of those things passed much more civilly when I recognized that my beef with reality (AKA as "Nature", "God", "The Universe") is what can turn life into a living hell. It gives new meaning to the phrase "what you resist, persists".

So what's your beef with reality right now?