Business Evolving?

I'm not a "business-man," although I am a person who, due to the necessity of having to make money has had to learn business savvy. One of the reasons I was turned off by business was the animalistic and ravenously competitive manner in which people approach business. This isn't anyone's fault, it's the way we have taught  in the Western world and it used to work.

However, I see a trend with my generation and younger generations. As a general rule, we understand that there is enough to go around. So the sort of dog-eat-dog model of business seems to be functioning on a lower plane of consciousness. That's all well and good, but I personally didn't want to enter a business market where I felt like there were ravenous dogs waiting to eat my ankles off.

It is possible to participate in the spirit of cooperation and abundance and still carve out a niche for oneself in the business world and, make money?

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80s Lines and Vedic Symbolism

Don't worry. I'll explain the title of this blog soon enough. The suspense on how I will link 80s lines and Vedic symbolism must be excruciating.  

I'm happy to say after about 4 years of brand misfires and reinvention Aaron and I finally settled on the look, feel and focus of Insightful Innovations.

We started off primarily as a coaching and training business, specializing in personality theories. We love systems, and teaching and helping people reach insights about themselves, but trying to fit our skills and interest into a business model that was already created was difficult. Particularly finding the right look for our logo.

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