Thanks for taking our soul colors assessment. Now that you've completed our assessment you should have more of an idea of the direction your soul wants to take in this lifetime. We find that working with your soul color and bringing it into alignment with your personal and professional life can open up various levels awareness in your life. The test is obviously not an exact science and like most intuitive work it is better aided by deeper inquiry into your passions, past and present goals and desires.

If you'd like to find out more about how to bring your soul color into alignment with your current life's circumstances you can do so through Soul Purpose Coaching. Through coaching we can deeply explore your soul's energetic imprint, karmic contracts, plane of consciousness, spiritual strengths and gifts and help to reconcile those with your current and personality psychology to bring about greater balance in all areas of your life.

Contact us to set up a 15 minute consultation and find more about Soul Purpose Coaching.

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Love and light,

Sterlin and Aaron