Sterlin & Aaron

Chances are if you've seen one of us you've seen the other, cause we're kind of attached. We have a really strong non-verbal language and are simultaneously eerily similar and wildly different.

You're probably saying: Who cares, how can you help me?

Well, we're glad you asked.

Through studying everything from various personality systems, spiritual systems (Eastern and Western), core energetics, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, and pop culture we have tried to synthesize all of this information into meaningful and practical knowledge. In our experience we've found that as the expanse of possibility opens up in the individual consciousness, everything is suddenly imbued with important lessons and meaning. We have been fortunate enough to work with some exemplary guides on the spiritual path and hope to pass to you the tools and insights we've learned on our own personal journey. 

Love and light,


Sterlin Mosley, Ph.D

Sterlin is a Virgo who actually doesn't enjoy long walks on the beach because the ocean sometimes scares him even though he thinks it's pretty. He received his PhD in Communication and his master's degree in Human Relations. He enjoys reading esoteric spiritual texts and was positive that if he stared at objects long enough as a child they would surely levitate.

Aaron Addonizio, M.H.R., M.P.A.

Aaron is a Libra whose sense of smell is almost hound-like. While she prefers balance in most things, this does not extend to chocolate, sweet tea or cats. She has dual master's degrees in Human Relations and Public Administration. She enjoys contemplating the universe and has a crush on Aragorn of Arathorn but NOT Viggo Mortensen.