Navigating a new coaching or counseling relationship can be tricky. There are many different approaches and you want to know what you're getting. We totally get it. So this page should help de-mystify what we do and how we do it.

Because we utilize an eclectic and highly personalized approach to working with clients each session will be different depending on your needs. 

Your first few sessions will be spent getting to know each other. We love systems so we enjoy helping to create a personalized psychological/emotional map utilizing a few of the different systems we've studied.

We do this primarily through the Enneagram Personality System which we see as integral o understanding one's psychological and egoic motivations.

We also utilize maps like core energetics (to help us understand how you process and send out energetic signals in your relationships), and the seven primary archetypes so we can know what your archetypal life role is.

All of this helps us to get a holistic snapshot that's unique to you.

Having studied all of these different modalities we've learned that while we are all a unique expression of soul energy in a human body, there are certain archetypal patterns we share with our fellow human beings.

Depending on the needs of the session we may spend some time processing life issues, talking about basic day-to-day problems or helping lighten the load of any emotional baggage you may have brought in.

Some clients may need to spend some time in a guided meditation (if you're down for that) or may even need some energetic healing.

We like to go where our guidance takes us, and we always work with the highest intention to bring about the highest good for you in your session.

We also make it our business to respect and honor people's religious, philosophical or ideological beliefs and are culturally sensitive to all races, creeds, nationalities, sexualities and gender identifications. 

However, if there's something you want us to know about how you tick, we want you to tell us.

Because everyone's preference for masculine or feminine energy is different you may choose to work with Sterlin or Aaron. Sometimes people prefer working with both of us.

Our combined energy can be quite transformative but it can feel more vulnerable to open up to two people rather than one, so this depends on your preference.

After the first few sessions are completed and we have a snapshot of your personality, energetic structure, character archetypes and general communication style and background. Then we can begin focusing more deeply on helping you unlock your soul's potential in the world or deepening your own self-awareness or spiritual understanding.

People tend to experience greater "opening" of their intuitive and spiritual faculties after working in this way and and we are here to help guide you through that process and how to use that awareness in their everyday personal and professional lives.

From that point on what we do and how we work with each other depends on the needs of the moment. Our passion is helping you connect with you and your unique expression in this lifetime.

Our goal is to help you to transform whatever areas of your life you find to be painful, lacking in meaning, troublesome or just plain irritating to you.

Sessions can be booked in 1-3 hour periods. Typically longer sessions are best at first so that we can get more deeply into the process. However, we are highly flexible and respect your time and financial needs.

Coaching packages are available at a pro-rated cost.

Coaching sessions are $120.00 per hour*. 

Sessions are available through Skype for non-local clients. 

If you have any further questions feel free to email info@insightfulinnovations or call us at 405-406-2478. 


*Sliding Scale available.