We belong to what researchers call the "me" generation. We are characterized by an unprecedented desire not to settle in our career and work lives as well as what has been called an unrealistic expectation for uniqueness, success and creative expression.

While the downsides of this generational tendency are obvious there are many advantages.

Some of those advantages are that we are dedicated to helping people discover and cultivate their strengths, creative talent and interests into lucrative or at least sustainable careers.

We understand the desire to "follow your passion" and we are also intimately acquainted with how difficult that can be when you have to pay bills.

Inspired career coaching goes beyond helping you figure out what you're good at and what your strengths are (although we do that too). It reaches into your own spiritual or philosophical reserves to help you focus your life path into your work life because that alignment is where you'll find the most fulfillment.

Sometimes our soul's path and our career aptitudes are seemingly disparate. However we can help you find ways to leverage the two into something that is both personally and professionally enriching.

In as few as three sessions we will help you to build a personal profile that not only draws upon your personality and archetypal strengths but will help you build a personal brand that reflects your career and life aspirations in an authentic and professional viable way. Whether you want to be an artist or an accountant.

Why It Works:

  • Create your "Life Purpose Analysis Report": This is a combination of personality and strengths inventories that will uncover your greatest strengths and weaknesses. This is something you'll carry with you for the rest of your life.
  • Help you uncover your true passion through uncovering your Archetypal Role. We all play a role in society, but that role is often unconscious, as a result we may be manifesting the shadow side of our archetypal role rather than the integrated side. We're here to make the role conscious and align it with your strengths so you can manifest your desired outcomes.
  • Develop Your Personal Brand: Everyone has a personal brand these days, whether you want to or not. We're here to help you align your strengths and passions with your personal brand in order to manifest the career objectives you want.
  • Social Media Optimization: We understand that no personal brand is effective without appropriate social media, resume and cover letters to support your career endeavors. We will work with you to create relevant and authentic branding on the places it matters the most (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram. Pinterest. etc.).
  • Interview and Communication Coaching: Job hunting means interviews. We're here to help you ensure that you put your most authentic yet professional self forward. Our training in microexpressions and effective communication and personality performance strategies will help you fine tune your interviewing skills so you present your true self in the best way possible.

The Inspired Career Coaching Package includes:

Personality and Archetypal Career Profile Assessment: We spend this time getting your personal blueprint and exploring your psychological motivations, archetypal roles and strengths.

Development of Life Purpose Manifesto: We help you to crystalize and craft your own personal life purpose manifesto that includes the insights gleaned from session one as well as integrating the insights gained from your personal reflection homework.

Personal Brand Optimization: We help you focus your professional and social media image to reflect your authentic life purpose and personality strengths. This time can also be spend editing and optimizing resume's and cover letters.

Continued support. We're committed to helping you focus your attention and concretize your goals in order to move toward your desired outcome throughout your career path journey.

*Packages range from 3 sessions to more. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we'll tailor the coaching experience to match your specific goals and needs.