As the cultural landscape of work changes businesses are finding it increasingly necessary to adapt to the changing demands of their employees and consumers. Learning the language of holistic health and inspiration is becoming an absolutely necessity to remain competitive in a workplace culture that values not only its productivity but its clients and workers well-being.

There are ways to integrate non-threatening and diversity inclusive holistic practices in even the most professional of settings. Research has shown that employees who feel holistically cared for by their employers tend to perform better than those businesses where matters of body, mind, and spirit are not tended to.

As the consciousness of the planet raises so too should our business environments. We feel the teaching organizations simple and effective models for holistic integration we can help to contribute to the expansion of global consciousness. 

Our knowledge of business, marketing, human relations, communication, personality and inspiration focused workplace solution allows us to construct a unique personalized curriculum for businesses that can be easily integrated into any large or small workplace culture.  

Because we know that the people of the organization are the heart of any operation we focus first and foremost on personality awareness of the organization's team. We then move to identifying the basic consciousness operating system of the organization through teaching various models of consciousness and how it relates to the current business environment. We then work with team leaders and team players on how to integrate the information into more effective workplace communication techniques that ultimately will foster greater productivity and satisfaction.

As a business leader you cannot afford to ignore the holistic concerns of your team any longer. We work with you to identify any issues within the organization that may be stifling inspiration and creativity and then help you to develop a workable, practical plan for implementation. 

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Inspired Business Solution Workshop Formats: 

3 day Consciousness Raising Seminar

This seminar is designed to introduce you and your team to the basic levels of awareness within your organization. We first identify the overall personality style of the organization. Then help individual members (no more than 30 people in this workshop) to identify their core strengths, weaknesses and inspiration motivators. From there we move on to helping your organization to identify the overall level of awareness and focus of the group. We provide team-building exercises and practical solutions for integrating the information about team members and the culture as a whole and how to foster continue learning and integration of the workshop information.  This short but packed workshop format allows us and your team to tackle some important issues such as gender, communication, race, personality and creative and inspired thinking.